Bull Dozer (Wrestler)

Bull Dozer as seen in "Wrestling Wrecks."

Bull Dozer is a professional wrestler who fights Percy for the World Heavyweight Championship in the episode, "Wrestling Wrecks".

Woody Woodpecker hates Bull Dozer, who is a villainous wrestler. His skin color is tan, he is completely bald and he is powerfully built. Some of Bull Dozer's moves are real. He destroys Percy quickly and throws him from the ring toward a hospital bed across the street from the arena, so Woody fights Dozer in Percy's place. Woody uses a red cape like a bullfighter to lure him. Woody places the cape in front of a big iron anvil and sits on top of it. When Dozer charges like a bull at the cape and hits the anvil, he gets shortened to half his height. When he discovers the anvil behind the cape, the shocked Dozer faints and falls to the mat. Woody uses his beak like a sewing needle to pin Dozer's arms and shoulders to the mat with an old lady's knitting wool and then stands on him, and the referee makes the three-count and Woody wins the Championship.