Gabby's Diner is the 107th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on March 28, 1961, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International.

Plot Edit

Gabby Gator (voiced by Daws Butler), living in the Everglades, is suffering from utter starvation. Upon looking in the sky, he sees Woody Woodpecker happily flying overhead. Gabby takes out a shotgun and fires at the woodpecker and misses. Woody, however, sees Gabby's sign advertising the "Fryer's Club Hotel" and decides to satisfy his curiosity. The conniving alligator convinces Woody that his home is a luxury hotel, and sends the woodpecker up to "Room 350" (in truth, the temperature the oven is set at that Woody is bunking in). Woody begins to sweat profusely and requests "room service" by asking that ice be sent up. The ice manages to bring the stifling temperature down, eventually turning the oven off.

Gabby then advises Woody that his hotel likes to tuck their guests in at night. In reality, Gabby puts Woody in a baking pan, and places dough on top of him. Woody catches on to this plan, and replaces the standard dough with Quick Rise Baking Powder. Unaware, Gabby bakes the pie, sending the rising dough high above his home, eventually splattering all over southern Florida.

Notes Edit

The name "Fryer's Club Hotel" is a pun on the Friars Club of Beverly Hills, a private show business club started in 1947 by comedian/actor Milton Berle.