How to Stuff a Woodpecker is the 100th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on May 18, 1960, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal Studios.

Plot Edit

Professor Strudel relates the story of how he managed to catch and stuff Woody Woodpecker. In Professor Strudel's Taxidermy Shop, there is seen a series of stuffed animals: a humming hippopotamus, a growling gorilla, a kangaroo, a half-stuffed elephant, and finally, Woody.

The professor proceeds to relate how he outsmarted and captured Woody. In a forest, he hears Woody pecking away at a tree. He gets up and catches Woody, who bops the professor with a mixture of Tabasco and chili powder. With a roar, the revived professor expels the mixture, which hits a tree and reduces it to ashes. The professor then employs various ways and means to capture Woody. He finally traps Woody in a cage, and we see both of them in the taxidermy shop, with Woody on the pedestal. The professor says, "Right." Woody's still alive and pecking away, this time at the professor.