Jack Hammer Foreman is the villain in the episode 'Hi-Rise Wise Guys'. He has tan skin. He works in 'Bill Ding Construction Co.', And he is building the 'Hi-Rise' building by himself and he is trying to maintain a record of 0 accidents in the construction of the building. He does not let Woody sleep, so Woody tries to take revenge by making him cause an accident, so his record will be broken.


In his anger, he throws an anvil on Woody and the construction of the building collapses. Woody says that he would help him. So Woody brings new parts and Jack Hammer makes a Plastic Bubble for Woody to sleep in peace and Jack Hammer re-constructs the building.

Angry BossEdit

Angry Boss is the in-charge of the plant and he always annoys Jack Hammer by calling him on the phone.