Legend of Rockabye Point is a Chilly Willy cartoon, released theatrically in April 11, 1955. Which was directed by Tex Avery and produced by Walter Lantz. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, but lost to Speedy Gonzales, the Looney Tunes character. This is also the second (and last) Chilly Willy cartoon directed by Tex Avery.


An old sailor tells the legend of a starving polar bear (Maxie) and a penguin (Chilly Willy) who attempted to steal [1]Bluefin tuna from his ship 20 years before. But, both kept running into a vicious guard dog to placate the beast. Maxie sings "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" to make him nod off, which is served as a running gag. While gathering the fish, Chilly drops an anvil on Maxie's head. He, however, holds in his scream, runs over to a nearby desk and writes down a piece of paper, "Ouch!" and then he makes a mad face and writes down swear symbols resembling cuss symbols. As Maxie puts down the anvil, he accidentally drops it on the dog and sings to him again. Then Chilly puts a clarinet in the dog's mouth as he sleeps. The dog becomes cranky from the clarinet noise he is making, but Maxie lulls him to sleep by playing the notes to "Rock-A-Bye-Baby". Then Chilly puts new sheet notes in front of the bear and makes him play "Circus March", thus causing the dog to reawaken. The dog eventually chases Maxie up a tall iceberg. At the end of the picture, the sailor says if you listen carefully, you can to this day still hear the lullaby at night. Indeed, at the peek, The pair stand, both very old and gray now, with Maxie holding the dog tenderly and singing "Rock-A-Bye-Baby".

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