MacPecker Woodpecker
Engraving of MacPecker
Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Acorn woodpecker
Born: 1900's
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MacPecker Woodpecker is the son of Woody's Great Grandfather, the father of Woody's Father and the grandfather of Woody Woodpecker. He phisically never appeared in the series, only as a engraving in The New Woody Woodpecker Show episode Temper, Temper. He is also mentioned in the episode Goldiggers, where it is revealed that he gives Woody a secret map that leaves to his mine.


The MacPecker Mine

The MacPecker Mine, named after MacPecker, and later found by his grandson Woody.

His full history is largely unknown, as he wasn't fully mentioned. In a period of his life, he discovered a mine full of gold, and names it as The MacPecker Mine. He seemed to be very scotish like Woody, as seen in Temper, Temper. He later passes out, the current causes is unknown. He gives Woody a map containing the localization of his mine. That map was a secret, so no one besides Woody should ever read or take it.

Woody then goes to Betchagohome Brook to find someone to guides him. Buzz Buzzard wants that map, and poses as a guid, folowing the woodpecker though all the way leading to the mine. Many are the buzzard's tentatives to steal that map or to get rid of Woody, but the bird always outsmart him. Later, Woody finally comes to his grandpa's mine. He takes as much as gold he can, but it's almost impossible to move the wagon, even for him. Buzz ties Woody, and puts him in a cage, while the vulture escapes with the gold. Woody manages to free himself with a unusual elevator. At the end, Woody drives away from the city, with his grandpa's gold.