Percy (Wrestler)

Percy as seen in "Wrestling Wrecks."

Percy is a professional wrestler who appears in the episode "Wrestling Wrecks". He is Woody's favorite wrestler. At the beginning of the short, he is the reigning World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. He defends his title against Bull Dozer. However, Percy gets thrown out of the ring and out of the arena into a hospital bed across the street during the match by Bull Dozer and Woody fights the rest of the match on Percy's behalf instead.

Percy's appearance and mannerisms are based loosely on Gorgeous George, a wrestler from the 1940s and 1950s who pioneered the effeminate "glamour boy" wrestling gimmick that was put to use by other wrestlers, with some modifications, in later decades. Ironically, while the real Gorgeous George wrestled as a "heel" (industry slang for a villainous wrestler), Percy appeared in this short as a "babyface" (or heroic wrestler) against the villainous Bull Dozer.