Series Name
Season 1, Episode 9
Ration Bored
Air date July 26, 1943
Written by Ben Hardaway
Directed by Emery Hawkins, Milt Schaffer
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Ration Bored is the 9th Woody Woodpecker cartoon.


While driving his car, Woody sees a sing that reads: "Conserve gas & tires. Is this trip really necessary?" Woody refers to himself as a "necessary evil" while changing his appearance briefly into a demonic version of itself with deranged eyes and speeds down the road after changing back again. While cresting a hill, he runs out of gas station below. The gas attendant asks to see Woody's "ABC" book (see below), and Woody hands him an alphabet book. Insulted, the attendant grabs a hammer and knocks Woody's car into a salvage yard. Woody decides to steal gasoline from the wrecked vehicles in the lot. He unknowingly siphons gas from a parked police car.

A cop chases Woody around the salvage yard. They get caught up in stacks of tires, and Woody ends up riding the cop like an automobile out of the yard and into a large storage unit of gasoline.

In heaven, the cop leaves the "Wing Rationing Board" with a small pair of wings. He starts chasing Woody again when he notices that the wings Woody has received are much larger.