The Painter and the Pointer
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Painter and Pointer Title Card
Air date December 18, 1944
Written by Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaffer
Directed by Shamus Culhane
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The Painter and the Pointer is a 1944 Andy Panda short, starring Walter Tetley as the voice of Andy Panda.


Andy Panda decides to paint a picture of his dog Butch in a pointing pose. Andy sets everything up but finds it difficult to paint his pointing canine as Butch constantly keeps on moving. First the dog starts scratching a flea bite and then starts swatting a pesky fly with his ears. Angry at being hit, the fly retaliates by kicking Butch and sending him flying straight through Andy's canvas.

Annoyed by Butch's constant fidgeting, Andy rigs up a shotgun with Butch in such a way that if Butch moved a muscle, the gun would blast him. Andy then returns to the house to get a new canvas and more paints. At that moment, two spiders in the nearby tree catch a glimpse of Butch. Thinking of him as a tasty meal, the two spiders try to tie up Butch and lift him up the tree using their web.

Butch tries desperately to rid himself of the spiders' web and at the same time attempts to prevent the shotgun from going off. The spiders succeed in pulling Butch up, an action that triggers the gun to fire. Luckily the gunshot misses Butch but hits the branch of the tree on which the dog was tied. Butch runs away yelping with the gun still tied to him and Andy pursues him.


Directed by: Shamus Culhane

Animation: Les Kline, Emery Hawkins, Art Heinemann

Story: Ben Hardaway, Milt Schaffer

Music: Darrell Calker

Produced by: Walter Lantz