Series Name
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date February 15, 1943
Written by Ben Hardaway (story), Milt Schaffer (story)
Directed by Alex Lovy
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The Loan Stranger
The Dizzy Acrobat
The Screwball is the 7th episode of The Woody Woodpecker Show.


A local crowd gathers at a baseball park for a game between the Droops and the Drips. A lone policeman stands at the park gate discouraging spectators who have not paid to see the game. Woody notices that kids returning baseballs can get in for free, so he tosses the policeman a cannonball and enters the park.

Woody tries to watch the game but the policeman finds him. He escapes by shaking a soda pop bottle and spraying it into his adversary's face, adding "No stopper, Copper!"

Woody joins the game as the pitcher for the Drips. When he is up to bat, he causes so much trouble that the entire team chases him along the baselines while the policeman waits for him at home plate. He escapes by pecking his way through a barrage of baseball bats.  However, Woody ends up not getting away with murder, being assaulted with a barrage of baseballs as soon as he pops out of the park's scoreboard.


  • This short has been highly argued as being Mel Blanc's final cartoon doing the title character, but it is not certain whether or not this is true.