Tweaky Da Lackey
Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Canary
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Voiced by: Mark Hamill

Tweaky Da Lackey is Buzz Buzzard's sidekick from The New Woody Woodpecker Show.


Tweaky is Buzz Buzzard's lackey who does his evil bidding and helps Buzz with his scams. While he appears to be dimwitted, he actually points out the flaws in Buzz's cons. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tweaky is a yellow canary. He is small, about Woody's height to be exact. He has an orange beak and his only article of clothing is a green shirt. 

The New Woody Woodpecker ShowEdit


Tweaky's only solo appearance in the series as a Birthday Fairy.

Tweaky is a new character created for this Woody Woodpecker reboot. He is Buzz Buzzard's sidekick who sometimes joins Buzz on his scams to con Woody, Winnie, sometimes Knothead, and Splinter our of their money. Their plans usually fail and they end up being sent to jail. 

Despite being Buzz's sidekick, he only appears once without Buzz as a birthday fairy who grants Knothead and Splinter's birthday wish to become flies. (and at the end birthday fairies themselves)