Woody's Great Grandfather
Woody's Great Grandfather
Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Woodpecker (now a ghost)
Born: Sometime on the 1800's decade
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Created by: Reed Shelly
Bruce Shelly
Voiced by: Billy West

Woody's Great Grandfather is the father of MacPecker Woodpecker, the grandfather of Woody's Father and the great-grandfather of Woody Woodpecker. He makes a appearance on The New Woody Woodpecker Show episode Life in the Pass Lane.


Woody mentioned him as the steering wheel ace, and that he died on that track. As a flashback is shown, Woody's great-grandfather appears in a younger version racing with others competitors. He manages to surpass all, but Woody mentions that his opponent manages to taking him off of the race with the use of the Mist'o the Moors, thus, ending with his career. Woody also mentioned that none of his descendants never tried to win that race, but Woody breaked the tradition, and tried to win the race as a homage to his great-grandfather. Buzz Buzzard appears as Woody's opponent, and he uses many scams on his own car to take off the other competitors. But Woody uses his own tricks in his car to outsmart the buzzard, all thanks to his Great grandfather's revolutional technique, whose Woody have learned with him. Until Buzz goes to the Mist'o the Moors shortcut (for cheaters only), and find a machine that emites mist. Buzz add cement to make the mist more thick. Woody then comes face to face to the obstacle that killed his own grandfather, the Mist'o the Moors. This time, the mist cement does not engulf him, but it covers the whole way, impeding Woody to continue the race, to Buzz's delight. However, Woody makes use of his beak, and pecks an entrance, leaving the buzzard in shock. Both birds realizes that inside the cement, it's too dark and nearly impossible to cross. Woody's great-grandfather then appears as a spirit, encouraging his great-grandson to continue the race, and guiding him to avoiding the obsacles. At the end, Woody manages to cross the Mist'o the Moors and wins the race, while Buzz ends up with the same destiny of Woody's great-grandfather: his car brokes nearly the finish line. Woody's great-grandfather appears at the end, atop a cloud, as Woody dedicates his trophy to him. He does not appears again in future episodes.