Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Woody Woodpecker
Air date July 7, 1941
Written by Jack Cosgriff, Ben Hardaway
Directed by Walter Lantz
Episode Guide
Knock Knock
The Screwdriver
Woody Woodpecker is the 1st cartoon in the Woody Woodpecker series. It was originally released on July 7th, 1941.


The inhabitants of the forest that Woody Woodpecker (Mel Blanc) lives in have started spreading the word that Woody is crazy, due to all of his screwball antics. After telling him (and many others) this several times, Woody also begins to question his sanity. So he goes to a psychiatrist, a fox named Dr. Horace N. Buggy who has a Scottish accent (Blanc), only to find that the doctor may be more cracked than the woodpecker himself.